Positive Language Makes a Portland Real Estate Listing Pop

Sometimes what you don’t say in your Portland area real estate listing can be as important as what you do. Your marketing will necessarily include all sorts of numerical info your agent enters for the PortlandMLS – but the main text itself is every bit as crucial. That paragraph has to be more than a summary of structure and land because it’s actually your most important ad. Your agent must accurately describe the home while simultaneously reaching out to appeal to the corps of potential buyers.

Certainly, the most glaring shortcomings will always sour a real estate listing (bad photos, misspellings, etc.). But there are more subtle points that can slip by.

Phrasing should avoid negative-sounding words. “Dark” can perfectly describe a comfortable décor approach, but on paper, the word is a downer. “Old” is another one of those, while its first cousins “quaint” and “historic” are positive substitutes. “Needs work” will dynamite the perceived value of any home (who want to pay to have to do “work”?) — while “perfect canvas for your design touches” leaves a more positive impression.

The right language gives buyers a chance to form their own opinions once they’ve seen the property. Negatives stand a good chance of preventing that from happening in the first place.

           Your Portland area real estate listing is your first chance to sell, so don’t neglect to mention less-obvious features: any unseen attributes that numbers alone don’t convey. The number of bedrooms, square footage, etc., can’t help a listing’s reader know that there is a finished basement. An extra-big garage or astonishingly beautiful window views need to be pointed out (but only if the adjectives are on-target).

In any case, be sure your home is prepared to show and sell before your Portland real estate listing appears. Buyers can see how long a home has been on the market, and the more days and weeks that tick by, the less appealing a property can seem. But the fact is, a well-marketed property is most likely to become a quickly sold property. As your home closes in on its marketing debut, contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We are here to make sure your listing pops! (503) 389-0686